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Home Is Where the Heart (and Coffee) Is: A Brands of Bia Valentine’s Special

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Brewing Romance in Your Own Kitchen

Valentine's Day- A time when love is in the air, and, let's not forget, the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee. At Brands of Bia, we believe in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, especially when it comes to celebrating love. Why hustle through crowded cafés when you can create a magical coffee date right at home? This Valentine's Day, we're here to guide you through crafting the perfect coffee moment with your darling - it's not just Netflix and chill, it's Netflix, chill, and a coffee experience that's brimming with love!

Brew and Bliss French Vanilla Instant Coffee

The Perfect Cup: More Than Just a Drink


  • Finding Your Blend with Brew & Bliss and Lakhafay

First things first, let's talk about the heart of the matter - the coffee. Choosing the right coffee is like choosing a Valentine's gift: it has to be thoughtful and suit your loved one's taste. Whether you're in the mood for the robust granules of Brew & Bliss or the refined, luxurious taste of Lakhafay’s premium beans, you can easily buy coffee beans online from our selection. Each cup promises a journey of flavours, ideal for a day dedicated to love.


  • Brewing Techniques: Art Meets Passion

Once you've got your hands on our top-notch beans, it’s time to brew. But remember, brewing coffee this Valentine’s Day, is an act of love. From the French press to pour-over, each method has its charm. Want to make it special? Try a brewing method you both haven't explored yet. It’s a fun way to learn something new together and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

La Prime Roasted Coffee Beans

Setting the Scene: Ambiance Is Key


  • Create a Coffee Date Atmosphere at Home

Ambiance matters! Set up a cozy corner with comfortable cushions, soft lighting, and perhaps some of your favourite tunes in the background. It's all about creating a space that feels both intimate and relaxed. A few candles and a vase of flowers can add that extra touch of romance.


  • Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats

No coffee date is complete without some nibbles. Since our coffee is vegan and gluten-free, why not pair it with some healthy treats? Tickle your taste buds with some Milky Choco Cashews, and other delicious nuts from Nut-O-Licious.

Milky Choco Cashews

Conversation Starters: Let’s Talk Love and Coffee


  • Share Your Coffee Stories

Every coffee lover has a story. Maybe it's about the first cup of coffee they ever had, or perhaps a memorable café they visited. Share these stories with each other. It's a wonderful way to connect and learn more about each other's coffee preferences and experiences.


  • Plan Future Coffee Adventures

Dreaming together is as romantic as it gets. Why not plan your future coffee adventures? It could be cafes you want to visit, coffee beans online from Lakhafay you wish to try, or countries known for their coffee culture. It's a great way to build excitement for future dates and experiences together.

Bon Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee in Love: Understanding Each Other’s Preferences


  • The Language of Love and Coffee

Just like in love, in coffee too, understanding each other's preferences is key. Does your partner like their coffee strong and black, or with a hint of milk and sugar? This Valentine’s Day, take the time to learn exactly how your loved one likes their coffee. It's a small gesture, but it shows care and attention to detail.


  • Coffee Customisation: A Personal Touch

Why not try customising your coffee? Add a dash of cinnamon or perhaps a hint of vanilla or chocolate. Experimenting with flavours can be a playful and intimate activity, giving a personal touch to your cup of love. Or you can just pick any flavour from our range at Brew & Bliss to impress him/her.

Brew and Bliss Hazelnut Instant Coffee

Wrapping It Up: Love, Laughter, and Coffee


  • Reflecting on the Day

As the day winds down, take a moment to reflect on the memories you've created. It's not just about the coffee. Food or the movies you binged together, but the laughter, conversations, and the warmth of being together.


  • A Toast to Love and Coffee

Finally, why not end the day with a toast? Raise your mugs to love, to companionship, and to all the coffee dates in the future. After all, home is where the heart is, and if you're a coffee lover, the coffee is there too!


At Brands of Bia, we believe every cup of coffee is a story, a journey of love and flavour. We're thrilled to be a part of your Valentine’s Day story with our Brew & Bliss, Nut-O-Licious, and Lakhafay brands. Remember, you can always order coffee online for your next romantic brew. Here's to love, laughter, and great coffee! Cheers!